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How Bloomsie Works!

Our mission at Bloomsie is to encourage you to create unforgettable ways to celebrate your loved ones. The process is effortless and allows you to send a greeting or create an event and send invitations. Your first Bloomsie is on us, so try it out today!

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Send with love!

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Bloomsie is Sustainable

360,000 tons

of CO2 was produced for just Valentine’s roses flown in from Colombia.

100,000 tons

of plastic waste is produced from packaging like cellophane.

This is about
78,000 cars

driven for one year.

Pesticides and herbicides used on flowers results in the leaching of these chemicals into the soil and into the groundwater, polluting it.

Bloomsie is a new way to gift flowers that is sustainable, convenient and affordable.

Bloomsie is a digital product that does not require pesticides, transport, water, or disposable packaging.

Experience the natural beauty our planet creates, while saving it.

Bloomsie is Affordable

Our lowest plan is only


Your first Bloomsie is on us!